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5 Healthy vegan snacks for long-haul flights

Ordering special food during a long-haul flight does not always guarantee an acceptable meal, especially when you are vegan!
More often than not, a vegan diet is interpreted as boring and tasteless, therefore, being served a scrumptious vegan meal onboard is very unlikely. In order to avoid disappointment we pack our own vegan snacks for long-haul flights. Better safe than sorry… and hungry!

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Our mission as promoters of eco-conscious travelling

We heard our calling as promoters of eco-conscious travelling during a recent trip to Malaysia when we realised the extent of the environmental impact left behind by thousands of tourists.

We realised how imperative it is to contribute to the awareness of what is happening to our Mother Earth and how it is necessary to help change attitudes and mentalities in the attempt of reversing the harm that has already been caused.

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TBEX Ireland 2017 shaped our travel blogging strategy

When we found out about TBEX we knew immediately that it was imperative to participate in one of their events if we were to take travel blogging to a professional level.

We put it on our resolution list for 2017, booked our tickets in February and off we went to TBEX Ireland 2017, which took place in October in the town of Killarney. It was the best investment we could have made at this initial stage of our travel blogging journey.

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